Using simple 3 stage process, you can filter and clean your water

Stage One – Settling

  • Leave the water in a bucket to settle overnight
  • This will make all the insoluble solids sink to the bottom
  • Then scrape off all the floating debris
  • Pour the water into a clean container

Stage Two – Filtration

  • Pour the settled water into the top of the filter (see other page for how to build a water filter)
  • Pour the water through the filter until the water is as clear as possible or until when pouring it through again makes no improvement: this may take several goes
  • Layer a funnel with three layers of thin cloth
  • Put the funnel in a clear/non coloured plastic or glass bottle with a lid
  • Collect the water from the filter in this bottle

Stage Three – Solar Disinfection

  • Make sure the lid is on the bottle
  • Leave the filled bottles for 6 hours on a sunny day or 48 hours on a cloudy day, on a clean surface in the sun
  • The water is now drinkable, let the bottle cool
  • Leave in a safe clean place until ready for drinking